Access MySpace with T-Mobile’s New Danger Powered Sidekick

myspace2.jpgT-Mobile has tapped into Danger’s programming geniuses to provide an enhanced MySpace experience for the T-Mobile application Sidekick. Now, instead of using a Web browser to visit MySpace, customers can download the new MySpace application to enjoy a unique MySpace experience on Sidekick. This is being touted as the most powerful mobile MySpace service available. Users have complete real-time access to MySpace on their hand sets.

“Sidekick users are often the hub of their circle of friends, and MySpace is the No. 1 Web site our users visit on their device,” said Jeff Hopper, vice president of marketing at T-Mobile USA. “We’ve worked closely with MySpace and Danger to create a powerful MySpace Mobile experience that is uniquely tailored for the T-Mobile Sidekick. We think MySpace and Sidekick users are going to love having complete control over their MySpace universe right from the palm of their hand.”

Sidekick has been carefully crafted so that users can easily navigate all aspects of the MySpace Mobile content. The design is optimized to deliver data to each user easily, while preserving the features that MySpace visitors love on their PCs.

“Innovating on our mobile platform is one of the most important initiatives for us,” said Amit Kapur, vice president of business development for MySpace. “Given the high degree of MySpace and Sidekick usage overlap, we know our users will be thrilled to have this optimized experience.”

The relationship between T-Mobile and MySpace is more evidence to show that mobile devices are being mainstreamed into market strategies for businesses that started as PC based. The increased computing power of mobile phones creates new opportunities that successful companies are going to continue to tap into.