Ooma's First (Drug Induced?) Viral Video


New consumer VOIP service Ooma officially launched yesterday and began selling units on their website. See additional coverage from Dean Takahashi and Adweek.

They also released their first (drug induced?) viral video to promote the service, which I have embedded above. The video was conceptualized by Ashton Kutcher, the company’s creative director (hear our interview with Kutcher and CEO Andrew Frame here). Kutcher’s production company, Katalyst Films, produced it.

The company says the video is loaded with symbolism, and the meaning will become clearer over time as more videos are released in the series. Whatever it is, it’s entertaining.

Get one of the last ten free Oomas

The company gave TechCrunch readers fifty free Ooma systems in July. Today they say they’ll give us more to distribute to readers now – the last ten free Oomas. To win, leave a comment below and tell me WTF you think the video means, because I have no idea. The most creative answers win.