Mint: Online Money Management The Right Way

Mint is a free online service that lets you keep tabs on where you’re spending your hard-earned cash. It differentiates itself from other personal finance tools because it’s free and it automatically aggregates your banking and credit card data in an easy to use and up to date view that runs the gamut on your financial situation. It even goes as far as suggesting money-making scenarios and everything is accessible via your mobile phone or Internet machine.

It seems a bit like Quicken, but way better. It tracks your spending habits and lets you know where your money is being allocated and alerts you when you dip below a certain balance. You can even compare how much money is spent between shopping and dining. Everything is up to date, so you’re always in the know. The best part is that it can alert you to promotions from companies who you already pay bills to so that you can take advantage of said promotions or it alerts you to other VoIP providers with better rates. The same goes for credit cards so you can get rid of that high-rate card for a lower one. Awesome. I’m signing up right now.

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