Sunday Night Timewasters

It’s that time again and you’ve got nothing to do. Sure you can be out socializing and meeting new people, or perhaps touring the outback, or anything generally constructive. But no you’re reading CrunchGear instead. It’s OK though because that’s what we’d rather you do. The outback is just a bunch of rocks and sand anyway.

Here are a few cool flash games to help you occupy yourself.

Helistrike is a simple helicopter shooter in which your mouse controls the helicopter. You left click to use the machine gun and hit space to launch rockets. Pretty damn fun, it’s a scrolling game but there’s plenty of stuff to blow up and lots of moving targets that will shoot back at you.


4 Wheel Madness is a monster truck side scroller in which you beat levels by hopping over cars and other obstacles to get to the finish line. Up arrow for gas and right and left to lean. Try a backflip after launching off a nice jump but keep an eye on the health meter.

4 Wheel Madness

I didn’t land that.

Turret Pong puts a new spin on the first game ever created. Instead of two paddles, opposing forces battle it out with upgradeable cannons. Just fire at the red ball using your arrow keys to aim and space to fire. Make sure to get the spin upgrade as it makes it aiming faster and easier.

Turret Pong