CG Exclusive: iPhone in France November 29, No 3G


Our sister site, Techcrunch France, received some extremely juicy info about the European iPhone. The Francophone version will launch on September 29, 2007 at the Apple Expo in Paris. It will cost 300 Euros plus subscription and it will run on exclusively (*cough*) on Orange France. It is essentially the same as the U.S. version of the iPhone and here’s a bit of news that might sour our excitement about the UK launch – there will be no 3G on this model and there will be no unlimited data plan available, which could make this a fairly expensive proposition. More info as we get it.

UPDATE – Checking with my source on this. The Expo is actually in September, so this might have been a mistranslation.

UPDATE – OK. The announcement will be at the Expo and the launch will be on November 29, 2007. Sorry for the misunderstanding.