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Unky Walt Does Ubuntu

Kent Pribbernow

You should have titled this post… Unky Walt Does Ubuntu, Hilarity Ensues.

The very idea of Walt using Linux is a comical depiction by itself.

Zeno The Lifelike Robot Still Looks A Little Weird


Actually, it looks like Astroboy is just about to start bawling and crying for momma. Maybe this is just after Dr. Tenma sold him off to Hamegg the cruel circus owner.

Ice Cream Machine Gives More Ice Cream To Anrgy, Unhappy People


Hmmm.. so if you are happy the machine gives you less ice cream, that would piss me off…ohhh here comes some more ice cream…ok fine, thats enough ice cream thank you…hey STOP, I MEAN IT THATS ENOUGH *&$($*(& ICE CREAM YOU STUPID ()$(*$)(#)(*#