Video: First PSP Web Cam Up And Running (Even Live Sometimes)

The PSP camera hasn’t been released here yet, but it can easily be imported from any number of speciality Web sites. It turns out that using the camera as a Web cam, while not officially supported by Sony, isn’t so hard to accomplish. The dude from GadgetMadness, who, it turns out, is sort of a Web cam guru, already has a makeshift PSP Web cam up and running. The only item you’ll need outside of a PSP and the camera is any sort of composite video to USB adapter. (The GM guy uses one made by Adaptec.) And that’s it—instant PSP Web cam.

The guy has a account set up to broadcast all the craziness that happens in his little corner of the world. Right now (around 11:55 a.m. EDT) there’s some sort of concert going on. Pretty neat, and it shows what even a hair’s width on ingenuity can get you.

To GadgetMadness: I expect madness from this Web cast every so often. Please don’t leave me hanging.

The World’s First PSP Camera Webcam [GadgetMadness]