T-Mobile To Drop 'Total Internet' Data Plan To $19.99


BGR is reporting that, starting tomorrow, the add-on price of T-Mobile’s “Total Internet” plan will drop to $19.99 per month, down from $29.99.

T-Mobile is also announcing a new e-mail-only BlackBerry plan for $9.99 per month. That seems like an odd offering seeing that web browsing is blocked along with any other types of data transfer, but kudos to T-Mo for offering its customers some choice.

It’s also rumored that “the standalone Total Internet Plan, will go up to $39.99 from $29.99” although I double-checked that the current standalone price was actually $49.99 (verified on T-Mobile’s site), so if the price is changing to $39.99 it’s actually a ten dollar drop.

T-Mobile’s new data plans [The Boy Genius Report]