Getcher Ringtones Here: iTunes Ringtones How-to


Put your pencils down, class, because now you can turn the latest Nickelback tune into a 30 second ringtone. I did one today — Rockstar, because I couldn’t find anything else — and it’s fairly simple. Here’s how.

1. Buy an iPhone.

2. Visit the iTunes Music Store. Visit the iTunes Store and pick out a song with a bell next to it. Not all songs are available — Kanye wasn’t — so dig through a bit until you find something you like.
3. Buy the song.
ringtone2.gif4. Download the song and right-click it. Select “Create Ringtone…”
5. The Ringtone Creator will appear. It’s no rocket science. Drag the slider out to encompass the music you want to use as your ringtone. Listen to it. If you don’t listen to the whole thing, iTunes will tell you you suck and ask if you want to continue.
TIP: Pick a good part of the song. You know in Sweet Jane when they all start out twiddling on guitars lightly? That’s not a good part of the song to use. Hit up the chorus. Look for lulls in the music to pick out places to begin.

6. Sync your iPhone. Listen to your ringtones over and over again at the gate at the airport or on a train/bus, then pick out five or ten other ringtones to play over and over again. Everyone loves this and they will be all very glad to hear what your ringtones sound like. Do this especially if you have only recently purchased your iPhone and don’t know how to stop the ringtones once they’ve started.