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Upcoming 4th Quarter Sprint Phones Leaked


I don’t care about an iPhone….. It looks pretty, plays music and makes calls…. I need a phone that can edit documents, email large attachments, keep me organized, and maybe help me occasionally find my way, all on a high speed network.
The iPhone’s like the Cheerleader I dated in HS, Beautiful face to take out at night…. but she couldn’t really help when the situation called for more than a wink and a smile…

Newly Found Mineral In Russia Absorbs Radiation Like I Absorb Old ‘The King Of Queens’ Episodes (Really Well)


“Scientists say they need tonnes of it and so far they have only discovered a few grammes.”

Am I the only one who pronounces the ‘e’ in my head when I read that?
“Scientists say they need tonies of it and so far they have only discovered a few grammies.”

“Unlimited” iPhone Plan Coming Soon To AT&T?


I worked for AT&T for 5 years in management and just recently left them. You cannot possibly imagine or fathom the disorganization and arrogance in that company. I couldn’t take it anymore. They are a protected monopoly and filled with unmotivated employees that are looking for a “safe” place to work until they retire. They aren’t exactly getting the cream of the crop; this is true from the bottom to the top position. Without the monopoly protection they would go out of business in 12 months. The humorous part is that the management has lulled themselves into thinking that they are really something. No, the federal government has removed your competition whether you want to admit that or not. I would suggest you go elsewhere to find your phone/internet/tv hookups. It would be hard to do worse than AT&T in my opinion.