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Microsoft Not Worried About New iPod Announcements

J Rob

Call Tell Me (a Microsoft Subsidiary) at 800-555-TELL.

Say “News”, then “Technology”

Tech news for Thursday, Friday, and the weekend? All Apple, all the time.

Aaaaand, no mention of the now cheaper Zune.


iPod Fat Nano™ Unboxing


Damn it, that’s a helluva lot slicker than I wanted it to be. I don’t want a paltry 8gb media player. . . why is it so hard to fight the urge!?

Don’t Be A Sucker: Avoiding Retail Trickery


Hey Doug, you’re a retard. How the f–k can you say that computers are made with precision? If computers are so well made, why is there a Geek Squad? Why does CompUSA have a Tech Services counter? Most computers are made in China, where they don’t even care about what goes in their food, let alone your $1500 laptop you GIMP. Doug, you are a journalist like a CompUSA employee is an engineer. Do your homework before you write a stupid article like this. Oh, and by the way, DIE!

[NOTE: That last sentence is great. Ha! Probably a family member of mine.]