Orbitz Offers User Generated Airport Advice

orbitztlc.jpgOrbitz TLC Traveler Update is a new service from well known online travel company Orbitz – it provides quick, P2P generated travel reports. That means travelers can get information on delays, cancellations, weather and other issues way before official announcements are made.

orbitzupdates.pngTraveler Update starts with the basics; users have access to TSA wait times, weather information, traffic (pulled from Google Maps), and general information including WiFi access and parking details. Where the service is trying to be different is with the remaining feature: user generated advice.

People using any airport in the United States are encouraged to submit airport advice to the site from the airport itself. Tips can be made anonymously or by registered Orbitz members, and the service also includes a mobile version for easy access via cell phone.

Like any service that relies in user generated content, it’s only ever as good as the number of users contributing to it; the service went live Monday so it’s not extensive yet, but it is already seeing contributions from airport hotspots. Earlier today there were delays at Chicago O’Hare Airport and there were several pages of user advice direct from the airport, including details of flight delays and cancellations, where Taxi’s were readily available, security delays and other information that someone heading for the airport, or at the airport might find useful.

It’s a good idea, and if it builds user numbers it will become an even better service. Worth a look the next time you are flying in the United States.