The Beat Goes On: Pointy Bras Abound?

It’s a safe bet that the press covering today’s Apple event and all the fanboys are expecting The Beatles catalogue to be released onto iTunes considering the fact that the invitation is dubbed “The Beat Goes On”. Some crazies might think Sunny and Cher will join the party, but that’s highly unlikely and Jobs would certainly have pie on his face. Remember the first Moto/iTunes/Cingular ad?

It seems as though Madonna’s forthcoming album, which is coincidentally titled “The Beat Goes On” leaked onto the Web last night and some, albeit very few, are speculating that today’s announcement will involve another Madonna/iTunes deal. If this comes to fruition I will laugh hysterically and then keel over and die. Jobs, you better not be pulling any of this BS today.

Uh oh, Madonna’s latest – ‘The Beat Goes On’ – leaks on eve of Apple event [via Technabob]