CrunchDeals: 4GB iPhone for $299 on Clearance


Hey, pal, wanna buy an iPhone? $299, and it’s yours. No really, totally legit. No, it didn’t fall off a truck, who do you think I am? Apple’s just unloading what’s left of the now-defunct 4GB models for $299. It’s a pretty sweet way to get in on the iPhone hype for not a lot of dough. Sure, you’ve gotta sign up for that 2-year AT&T plan, but do you know how laid you’ll get showing off your iPhone? Totally.

Oh, you need the 8GB model? No problem, man. We’ve got you there, too. It’ll run you another $50, and it’s a refurb, but that’s ok, right? I’m sure it’s fine, and it has the same warranty as a brand new one. No scratches. And I’ll give you free shipping.

$299 4GB iPhone [Apple Special Deals]