Olympus E-3, New Top Of The Line dSLR, On October 17?


Hold onto your hats, camera fans, for rumors point to a October 17 reveal of Olympus’ top of the line digital SLR. The cam used to be known as the E-P1, but now it’ll go by the much cooler E-3. That’s what the rumors say, at least. No real specs are known—October 17 says hi—but rumblings suggest a 10-megapixel sensor (CCD? CMOS? Who knows?), Liveview, which lets you take pictures using the LCD (the Nikon D3 does this, too) and five frames per second shooting.

All these cameras coming out in time for the holidays… reminds me of the Monday Night Wars. Whose side are you on? I was a WWF guy, personally.

Olympus E-1 successor on 17th October [Digital Photography Review]