Epson MovieMate = Good Times

MovieMate 72

Epson, who is often times the bane of my existence because of busted printer, has announced two HD all-in-one projectors whose creed goes a little something like this, plug…load…play. The MovieMate 50 and 72 are affordable home entertainment projectors that are easy to setup and tote around. The 50 throws up 480p video and it has two 8W integrated speakers with DD 5.1 and DTS. The 72 does a bit more with 720p resolution, HDMI and four 5W speakers. It also distinguishes itself from the 50 with a swivel base. For what? I don’t know. The MM 50 will retail for $799.99 and the MM72 jumps up to $1,199.99.

MovieMate 50

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