Apparently Apple Has Sold Some iPhones

iphone sales

In July, the iPhone outsold every other smart phone on the market. That’s very nice. It’s not all that surprising, but it’s nice. Know what’s weird, though? As the best selling smart phone in July, the “iPhone accounted for 1.8 percent of all mobile-handset unit sales to U.S. consumers.” So for ALL the phones sold in a month, the most popular smart phone makes up less than 2 percent of the total.

I would have assumed that smart phones had a bigger market than that but iPhone sales in July equaled those of the LG Chocolate. There’s an LG Chocolate in my family and I can safely tell you that it’ll never be anything close to the iPhone (except in sales, apparently). I’m beginning to think that maybe some people don’t like paying $500 to $600 for a cellphone that also accesses the internet and does a bunch of other cool things. It seems that some people are only interested in making phone calls and sending text messages and can do so just fine with a free-when-subsidized phone. Weird, huh?

iPhone Becomes Leading U.S. Smart Phone Models in July []