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To Everyone I’ve Ever Taken Cellphone Shopping: This Is Why

Vero Pepperrell

Yep. Been there. Still do that.

My husband and I (sadly) both saw the cartoon at the same time earlier today, emailed each other a link going “that’s us!” then proceeded to argue about who had seen it first, and who was geekiest.

How geeky. (But at least we didn?t have a WoW or Strongbad wedding cake? We had a normal one, with flowers and stuff on it)

iPhone Unlocking Totally Legal, We Think


Americans are funny. You say that the US is the land of the free, yet you are not allowed to do anything. You bought it, you should be allowed to change it whatever way you want. In my country (Denmark) it is legal to circumvent any type of sim-locking meckanism.

Nerds Ruin the Spiritual BioShock Experience, Compare Console/PC/Blah Blah


Silly John…It only needs X gigaworts if they’re INTEGRATED booble flarkles. I like mine on a dongle…