Discuss What You See With Phoja

phoja.jpgThis Labor Day weekend marks the 15th anniversary since I moved to New York City from the Midwest. In that time I’ve seen stuff that you’d only see in New York (or maybe Las Vegas or Venice Beach). In that time I’ve seen the rolling blading nuns, the jogging Elvis and a sad homeless woman whose only attire were garbage bags (the final one I’ve heard is a hoax, she’s really just scamming for the money). And I should add this isn’t during the infamous Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. This is every day stuff that you see in New York, like the guys with fly fishing pools in Central Park – who happen to be nowhere near any water. In other words this is the stuff that makes me wish I had a camera with me. Thanks to my mobile phone, I do carry around a 2megapixel digital camera, but showing off the images to my friends is tedious.

But today we at MobileCrunch heard about Phoja. This is a free “social photos discussion” site, where I can share the photos and then discuss with the rest of the community. Photos can be posted from a Web site as well, but the real key for people like me is that photos can be sent from a handheld.

OK, sure we’ll see more photos of celebrities without their panties on. Who cares? I’m more excited that people will finally believe that I saw a guy who looked like he was wearing a South American dictator’s uniform while riding a three-speed bike. The generalismo might be in exile and waiting for his chance to return to power, and has to stay in shape for his eventual return. That’s my theory anyway. And now I’ll be able to see what others think as well.