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TechTravels: Virgin America


“Where JetBlue attempts to woo its patrons with extra leg room and some satellite audio and video content, Virgin has opted for a sensory barrage.”

Nice try Virgin, but more leg room trumps anything…period. I have my own entertainment and so does everyone else on every plane of every airline I have ever flown. Why? Because most planes only have SkyMall; people are used to bringing their own entertainment. My books, iPod, and MacBook Pro will do nicely. Now, just give me some f***ing comfortable seats with a lot of leg room and enough space to use my laptop even when the person in front of me puts his/her seat back.

New American-ized Nokia N-95 Vs. Old N-95: Hands On, Side-By-Side


If those phones got any hotter side by side, they’d be playing footsie in an airport men’s room.

Rant: Why Are Japanese Trains So Much Better Than American Ones?

Jon 2

I have ridden the Shinkansen. They are awesome. There is nothing like standing on the station platform when a non-stop express train blasts through the station 15 feet away at 150 miles an hour.