Mobile Phone Propaganda

464542567_2ddad635b0_m.jpgIf you are interested in propaganda, you may already be following Propaganda III, a world art tour of the best poster propaganda art there is. The tour accepts entries from all over and doesn’t discriminate as to content. Some exhibits are anti-war, left bent or virally anti-Semitic. The artist can be fascists, communist, or somewhere in between. All entries are based on their merit not content. These fine pieces of art are now available to you on your mobile phone.
The Propaganda III Mobile Widget makes political artwork from the World Tour available to mobile devices anywhere in the world, via a mobile content widget that can be added to any website in the world. But be careful, some of the content may be illegal in countries that don’t have strong freedom of speech laws. You don’t want to end up in a political re-education camp!

Mobile wallpapers can be downloaded from the Propaganda III Widget for the low price of $1.99. All proceeds go to the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, an institution what will archive the artwork from the Propaganda III tour.

Stop wearing your politics on your sleeve. This is the 21st Century. Make a political statement with your mobile phone, comrade.

Propaganda III Widget
Flickr (to review the art)
Center for the Study of Political Graphics