Nokia: Go Play Recap

Now that the main event has wound down and I’ve had a few moments to collect my thoughts, here’s the quick and dirty on what really happened in London today. There was a black 5700 XpressMusic floating around the event, but I wasn’t able to get my hands on it for you, dear reader. My sincerest apologies. But I did manage to get tons of hands on photos of the 5310 and 5610 instead. Details on the N95 were finally revealed and, once again, we’re getting the shaft on the black 8GB version with the 2.8-inch screen. We’ll be getting the version I told you about a couple weeks ago with a bump in ROM to 160 and sans lens shutter, which allows for a slimmer battery. There’s a few more things, so hit the jump to find out.

Ovi seems like a really cool way to keep everyone connected and be able to provide all sorts of content across different platforms. Your mobile phone can now be considered the ‘4th screen’ (silver screen, TV, PC/Mac being the first three) as you’ll have complete control over what content and apps will run in your Ovi. That means you’ll be able to throw on particular music tracks, movies, pictures and even a Facebook app, so everything you need while you’re away from home is at your finger tips. Sweet.

The N-gage platform is certainly alive and well, contrary to quasi-popular belief. We won’t really see this come to fruition on any phones until Q1 of next year, but I’m certainly excited about the prospect of playing FIFA ’08 on an N81 in landscape mode. Aren’t you? Of course you are.

The Nokia Media Store won’t be coming to the US for the unforeseeable future and for good reason. We’re all crazy about that white thingamabob that plays music and videos and the iTunes store, so it sort of makes sense considering the iPhone is launching this Fall in Europe. The store won’t have it’s own app like iTunes, so you’ll be accessing everything via the Web on your PC or device. Tracks will be priced at 1 Euro or 10 Euro per album. There’s also a 10 Euro a month subscription for streaming services on your PC. Nokia has lined up Universal Music Group, EMI, Sony Music Group and Warner Music to provide content, which ain’t too shabby IMO. Good on ya, Nokia. Fight the good fight.

Overall the event was a ton of fun, but I need to scoot and get ready for the Nokia party at the Ministry of Sound where Maroon 5 will be performing. I hope you all enjoyed our coverage from today.