Apple's September 5 Event: What We Want

This guy’s first in line for whatever Apple releases

After Apple’s announcement saying there will be an announcement on September 5, we got to wondering: what’s it gonna be and what do we exactly want? I’ll go first

Nicholas: Well at least one of the products will be that ugly like Betty fat nano. There had better be brand new, *normal* iPods announced. I’ve been waiting too damn long to replace my 3G iPod. A man stole it.

Vince: I’d like to see a new iPod or some kind of new display for my Mac. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs will probably just bring out a shrimp cocktail and will talk about it at length for 45 min.

John: I’m looking forward to Apple’s new handheld gaming device, the iGame, with coverflow MAME ROM support and buiit-in Burger Time.

Peter: The Apple iPod is synonymous with music. I’m sure whatever they release, it’ll be game-changing.

Matt: I’d really, really like to see a high-def screen, meaning then we’d have high-def videos on iTunes. That’s more for my Apple TV, but you know what I mean.