Zannel Gets Ripe

zannel.JPGZannel, a company that specializes in mobile phone social networking has teamed up with Ripe Digital Entertainment, a provider of photo and video clips. Zannel users can now watch and share favorite clips and videos with friends by utilizing Zannel’s Send-To-Phone player.

“The demand for instant entertainment on mobile phones is at an all-time high and Zannel is dedicated to filling this need with an easy and compelling mobile entertainment experience,” said Adam Zbar, CEO, Zannel. “Ripe’s devoted fan base can now watch their favorite shows on-the-go and share them with their friends at any moment.”

Ripe Digital Entertainment’s videos are geared towards the fast life that many mobile phone users live. Videos are between 5 and 15 minutes in length, and target audiences between the ages of 18-34. Currently, Zannel has three customized channels from Ripe.

RipeTV: Hot targets men. Content includes supermodels, comedy and shows like, “Sexy & Single,” “Spring Break” and “Stuff 4 Dudes.” If you have a jealous girlfriend you may want to hide viewing this one.

OctaneTV features street racing, auto stunts and automotive news. Don’t tell your insurance company you watch this.

FlowTV is for the hip-hop nation crowd. The language, music and culture of hip-hop is examined for the urban warrior in us all.

“Zannel provides a perfect demo for Ripe Digital’s highly entertaining programming, and a solid mobile infrastructure,” said Ryan Magnussen, CEO of Ripe Digital Entertainment. “We also look forward to users discussing their favorite Ripe shows with each other via Zannel’s new IMM (Instant Media Messaging) features.”

Ripe Digital Entertainment