Vodafone Adds Internet Service

vodafone2.jpgWant better mobile Internet access? Well, moving to the British Isles might be in order, or at least a trip to Ireland and the U.K. Vodafone has announced that has teamed up with Google, Myspace, eBay and YouTube in an effort to provide a more enhanced and robust service with those sites.

Additionally Vodafone mobile Internet users will access compressed and rearranged content of these and other Web sites to make it more mobile-friendly. The debate continues to wage on what is the best method for displaying Web sites on a mobile phone, but Vodafone is taking the route of compressing the content for its specific phones. Hopefully this should allow more streamlined use of the mobile Web. We’d hate to think anyone might fail to put in that eBay bid!

The service will be available to Vodafone’s 3G and 2.5G customers, and will allow users to surf the mobile Web for a fee of 99 (Euro) cents, or pay a fee of €9.99 per month. Of course there will be what Vodafone is calling “fair usage” price caps. Considering that YouTube and MySpace are in the mix we can hope that usage cap is actually fair.

[Via Irish Times]