Iomega Launches Two New Home Network Drives

Iomega today announced two new networked hard drives that come with an Ethernet-jack in the back of each device. The drives come with either 320GB or 500GB of storage and feature a brushed aluminum casing that will compliment that new iMac you just picked up. As you’d expect with a networked drive, performance is a key factor, so Iomega has gone ahead and used a 7200RPM SATA-II drives in each enclosure and each has a fast USB 2.0 connection to make up for the lack of gigabit Ethernet.

Whether you love Iomega or not, you can’t complain about the price of these drives. Only $149 for the 320GB version and $199 for the 500GB model. Beats half the deals I’ve seen at Best Buy and CompUSA.

Iomega Announces a Breakthrough on the Cost and Complexity of Effective Network Storage in the Home [CNN]