Microsoft Cans Linux FUD Site, Launches Windows Server Site

scaledbmepb498770.jpgWay back in the day, when Linux wasn’t much of a desktop threat, Microsoft launched a site called “Get the Facts” that featured a 2002 study comparing the cost of ownership of Linux versus Windows. The new site, which is a bit less combative, compares Windows Server to Linux and Unix and offers a few case studies — nothing as nasty as hiring analysts to shill for the big M$.

With Linux hitting the desktop like a Rocky hitting a side of beef, it’s clear that Microsoft knows its licked and/or has accepted Linux on the server side as an inevitability. That doesn’t mean the FUD will end. It just means they’re getting smarter about it.

Amazing image from BMeInk

Microsoft kills its ‘Get the Facts’ anti-Linux site [ZDNet]
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