Tell Them MySpace Friends

myspace1.jpgA new mobile phone service is available for those of us who want to stay in contact with our MySpace friends. Tell Them is a service that lets the user send pictures and text via a mobile device. The service is free and simple to use.

First, go to the Tell Them site on your phone. Enter your MySpace E-Mail password and select the friends you want to contact. Write a message and attach a picture if you want and blamo, the message is sent.

This service is very new so it is impossible to say right now if it will become popular. Tell Them appears to be the only service that currently caters specifically to mobile users who want to send MySpace messages. By providing a specific service for a popular phenomena like MySpace, Tell Them has the potential to grow rapidly. If the service is liked, mention of Tell Them will spread through MySpace quickly.

Tell Them