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Yarrr: Franz Ferdinand Tells Fans To Pirate Away


“Franz Ferdinand is my favorite band, and has been for about a year.
So it’s great to hear that they feel this way, but just because I luv em so much, I could never pirate their music. It’s just way too good. Besides, my itunes bill is shipped to my grandma, so I don’t mind supporting them as much as I can”

Buzzwords Aplenty: The New ‘Rhapsody America’


“It’s a music subscription service, so that’s strike one. It’s from Real, so that’s strike two. And there’s no indication that the OTA downloads will be any less stratospherically expensive than existing V Cast downloads, so that’s strike three. No thanks. While OTA downloads are intriguing, there’s nothing here that’s better than a nano, iTMS and a USB 2.0 cable.”

“Call Center From Hell:” Disgruntled Call Center Employee Spills All

John Eddy

“‘I think I would prefer life as an ‘associate’ then that of a ‘phone rep'”

I dunno. One of the greatest stress releases in the world was hitting the mute button and swearing at your customer.

Not that I ever did that.


Never. =)”