Samsung's Tiny 1.8-inch Hard Drives Hit 160GB

samsungSamsung’s new hard drives are “smaller than a business card”, spin at 4200 RPM, and can hold 160GB of data. If Joey Lawrence were here, I’m sure he’d take this news with a resounding “whoa!”.

That means you’ll soon be able to purchase 160GB iPods, PMPs, hard drive-based camcorders, and whatever else you can shove a tiny, high-capacity drive into. The new drives will be part of Samsung’s Spinpoint N2 series and, according to Samsung, can “store more than 40,000 MP3 files or 100 HD quality movies.”

I think another cool use for these drives would be DVR storage. Imagine buying a TV set with built-in TiVo!

Samsung’s Tiny 1.8” Hard Disk Drives are Giants in the Exploding Mobile Market [BusinessWire]