Yea or Nay: Apple's Lastest iPhone Ads Are In Response To Waning Interest


So here’s an interesting postulate: Apple released brand new iPhone ads last week because it’s hurting for attention. That’s sorta hard to believe, especially given the heaps of press Apple got in the months and days prior to the phone’s release, but I guess it makes sense. Business 2.0 even has a graph to prove its thesis. Whoa.


You can’t deny the correlation: during the week of the iPhone’s launch, a Lexis Nexis search revealed around 1,500 iPhone-related stories were published. Last week saw only some 200 such articles. Hence Apple’s new ad, right?

(The following week saw around 230 iPhone-related articles.)

I guess the whole moral of this story is that, when in trouble, hype-wise, Apple pulls out the big guns and showers us with cool new ads in order to jump-start interest in its wares.

So where are the new Mac mini ads?

Why Did Apple Air Two New iPhone Ads Last Week? [Business 2.0]