Sprint's Fall Lineup Includes Touch, Gandolf

Palm’s Gandolf has officially introduced itself to NA as the Centro. Well, we’re led to believe it’s called the Centro based on an app on the home screen that’s called, “About Centro.” Sprint reps were referring to the Centro as a “shrunk-down 755p” that includes EV-DO and it’ll only be $99 with a two-year contract. Don’t worry, GSM fanboys. The Centro will only be exclusive to Sprint for 90 days.

Sprint’s Touch seems to have a few upgrades from the GSM version Vince reviewed for you a while back. The CDMA version has a processor upgrade from 200Mhz to 400Mhz. The GPS app will have to lay dormant until the Touch is upgraded to Rev A and virtual pop-up 12- and 20-key keyboards have surfaced on this Touch. No word on pricing or launch, but it could be in November.

Hands-On With The Sprint Palm Gandolf, HTC Touch and More! [Gearlog]