Gateway To Begin Selling Stuff In China

GatewayChina is big. And there are a LOT of people there. If someone tells you they won’t sell you something for all the tea in China, they’re not S-ing around. Look them in the eye, say thank you, and walk away.

It stands to reason that each of the skillions of people in China probably has some moolah to spend on consumer electronics. Gateway wants a chance to get some of that moolah.

Gateway’s CEO, Ed Coleman said…

“China is home to some of the world’s most savvy computer users and we’re confident they will recognize the value Gateway brings to this market. We believe Gateway’s strong history of quality and innovation, combined with Digital China’s outstanding reputation for service and support, will lead to success in the marketplace.”

The weird thing is that a lot of consumer electronics that are now being sold in China are also made in China. If Gateway’s computers and monitors are made in China, maybe it could open a factory outlet or something like that to save on shipping costs. That’s just me thinking out loud, though. I’m not Ed Coleman. He’ll have to make that final decision.

Gateway Enters Chinese Market with Notebook and Desktop PCs [DailyTech]