Bling Software Follows MobileCrunch Closely

bling.jpgBling is defined as, “flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth.” The good people at Bling Software have a wealth of knowledge about the mobile phone business through their following of MobileCrunch.

Bling Software was founded in January 2007 by CEO Roy Satterthwaite. In just eight months, the company has delivered the first Ajax-based (Asynchronous, JavaScrip and XML) Web client for the mobile phone, called the Bling Player. This innovative software makes it easier and quicker to author a mobile widget or application, and provides consumers easy control functions.

Living up to its epithet, Bling Software has signed some flashy customers including, Jay-Z 40/40 Clubs, Barry Bonds, Ninja Mobile and Go TV Networks. If you want your phone to sing, its got to have bling.

Bling Software