Sony Alpha DLSR, Myth Or Reality?


A little competition is healthy, right? Well, let’s hope Nikon sees it that way when Sony releases the next Alpha series later this fall. If you didn’t already know, Sony makes the sensors for Nikon’s DLSRs. With that aside, all the major DSLR folk should be on their collective toes right about now. Canon is on the verge of releasing of the 40D, which a lot of photogs are looking forward to, but Sony has something up their sleeve.

The brand spanking new Alpha line is said to be rolling three deep with an abundance of features. The A300 as it’s being tentatively called is the ‘lower end amateur model’ and is said to pack a 14-megapixel sensor, 2.5-inch LCD, wireless flash function, and compact flash support greater than 4GB. The Big Daddy aka A500 is rumored to have a 20-megapixel sensor. Again, it’s assumed that we will see one of the three Alphas in October.

Sony Alpha – High end amateur model [Digital Camera Info]