Logic3 Unleashes 1st iPhone Dock, iSuck i-Station Traveler


Logic3 has the honor of being the first to market with an iPhone speaker dock. A round of applause is certainly in order, folks. What deserves a few hisses and boos is the name they’ve picked, i-Station Traveler for iPhone. The dock you see before you allows the iPhone to dock vertically or horizontally and slides shut when not in use. You won’t be throwing any house parties with the 35mm neodymium drivers and a eardrum blowing output of 4W, but it’s a first, so lets give Logic3 some credit. It even includes a 3.5mm jack and 2.5mm converter for your pleasure. Not too shabby for the world’s first iPhone dock and it retails for around $65.

Logic3 [via Ubergiz]