Click-to-Video Mobile Advertising

nexage.jpgAdvertisers looking to deliver the mobile video ad campaigns can now use the Click-to-Video landing page service from Nexage, a mobile video solution provider. This service will make ad campaigns accessible to 550 million mobile phones, including 450 phone models operating on more than 350 wireless networks worldwide. This self service tool enables advertisers to create mobile Web pages and include videos. The service is based Nexage’s PhoneCast platform, which offers wireless operators and content providers a way to launch mobile video services over 3G networks.

Among the companies already on-board to use this service is ipsh!, a mobile marketing agency that is part of the Omnicom Group. ipsh! Will use the Nexage solution to help advertisers promote their new products, movies and television programs. “The mobile channel has become very important for Advertisers wanting to reach a younger audience,” said Dev Gandhi, CEO of Nexage. “We are providing a mobile advertisement solution along with ipsh! that makes it possible for advertisers to reach mobile users on most phones on most operators worldwide.”

The question remains whether users will want to click through to see videos, which are essentially just ads. But already marketers are learning that the right elements can make compelling ads that people will actually want to watch. And with movies and TVs Web sites such as YouTube have proven that people will line up to see those promos!