Australian Schools Remain Mobile: Students Jump Like Kangaroos with Joy

aussieflag.jpgAs an avid reader of MobileCrunch, you’ll recall yesterday’s article on a possible ban of cell phones from all Australian public schools. Australia is a country that loves to ban things. Law abiding citizens aren’t able to own a gun there, so only criminals have them. Even collectible swords are kept out of the hands of fellow citizens. But school children all over Australia hopped for joy when they learned mobile phones wouldn’t be banned.

School officials were concerned about electronic bullying, where the bully posts nasty things about the victim on Web sites like YouTube. While it is a terrible thing to do, a vast majority of Australia’s 740,000 public school students don’t participate in such activity.

The ignorant people who want to ban new technology when new problems arise have been defeated once more. Now, if I could only convince the Australian government to let me open a gun and knife emporium…