AdMob Launches iPhone Mobile Ad Unit

admob.jpgThe iPhone apparently is so popular – or at least has the perception of popularity – that advertisers are lining up to get to its users. Thus AdMob announced today that it has launched a new advertising unit to help brands and companies reach the hundreds of thousands of Apple iPhone users. This new ad unit will work with the AdMob network of publishers to monetize their iPhone traffic. Already 15 publishers have signed up to develop iPhone-specific content.

“What we built takes advantage of the targeting capabilities of our platform and the unique capabilities of the iPhone to deliver rich, mobile-specific advertisements. This new user functionality – from an advertisement – is exactly what mobility is all about,” states AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui.

AdMob’s ad servers will now recognize iPhone users, who will in turn receive specific advertisements. The advertisers may even rely on mapping technology for location-based businesses, so who knows the next time you’re walking down the street with an iPhone you might get an ad that says, “turn left into the next shop for a very special deal for iPhone users!”