New iMac Keyboard Is OK, But Don't Expect It To Be A Good USB Hub


ThinkMac, the guys behind the NewsLife RSS reader (I used its predecessor, NewsMac, back in the day), just got Apple’s fancy new iMac keyboard and delivered onto us a short, sorta mixed reaction review. There’s no silly unboxing, no “boy it’s sexyyy¡” here, just the opinion of some hard-working Mac developers.

The keyboard itself is fine: much thinner than the old model but similar to the MacBook one, if not a little more sturdy. There is a rather large caveat, however: the keyboard is very power hungry. So those built-in USB ports will work only with the most basic devices like cheap-o thumb drives. Don’t expect to plug in your 500GB hard drive or bulky memory card reader. Hmm, sounds just like my now-old iMac keyboard.

The software for the keyboard was also problematic. Why do you need a 30MB driver to tell the F4 key to open iTunes? A minor point to be sure, but Apple is selling this keyboard as its best one yet.

So is it a good keyboard? Well yeah, it is. If you can get used to the MacBook-like keys and have no problem with having to use an additional external USB hub, then you should feel just fine plopping down $50 for it.

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