It’s time once again for TBKE. Here are three comments that fit into the “good” category. Please enjoy with my compliments.

Remember the time when Peter wrote a post called Microsoft Laugh’s in Lucent’s Face and Remo said, “Good for them…So much time has been wasted by those lawyers… they could be out pickin’ up garbage or doing something useful.”?

I laughed so hard, my main man. The part about picking up garbage was TDF!

Remember when Vince wrote that post called Wii Sales Destroying The PS3’s and Chris said “It’s time for this ‘the Wii is just a glorified Gamecube’ meme to die a painful death. It’s nonsense. The Wii has twice the processing power of the GC.”?

I didn’t laugh as hard as I did at Remo’s comment but I did nod in agreement a lot more.

Oh and remember when Nicholas wrote Apple Store Back Up: New iMacs, iLife ’08, iWork ’08 and Ron Jacobsen wrote “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s back down again.”?

I gotta tell you that I laughed just picturing good ol’ Ron sitting in his kitchen saying “aaaaaaaaaaaand” real long and drawn out. That’s totally Ron’s style. Totally.