Keyspan Announces RF Remote For Windows Media Center

erv2_01_r_300.jpgKeyspan has announced that the RF remote for Windows Vista is now shipping. That’s right, it’s using radio frequency rather than infrared, because it you don’t need to be standing in front of the paired device for it to work, the signal is far greater (up to 90ft) and it functions through walls, but I digress. One more point about RF and we can move on. Because the remote works through walls or furniture for that matter, you have the option of hiding your PC or AV equipment in a different room (not very smart, but it’s an option) or you can enclose everything into a cabinet. Would be burglars or guests will be amazed at your non-existent home theater. I apologize for that tangent, but I felt it necessary.

Anyways, the Keyspan remote operates your Windows Vista Media enabled devices for the low, low price of $49. Keyspan’s RF Remote is Certified for Windows Vista and works with Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate.

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