The Pocket Idiot's Guide To The iPhone


The Idiot’s Guide To series of books are a sure-fire way to become knowledgeable on just about any subject. It breaks everything down, so even grandma knows what’s going on. I’ve seen a lot of iPhone owners in NYC and I can guarantee that most of them don’t actually know how to use them. I’m referring to the blond bombshells I see at the gym yapping away while they’re on the treadmill, so keep your pants on if you think I’m insulting you.

The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to the iPhone is a quick reference guide that includes troubleshooting info and helpful tips for the non-geeky iPhone owner. This could be helpful for those on the fence about purchasing as well. Of course, by the time this gets in your hands you could have just Googled or checked CrunchGear for the latest tips and tricks.

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