Rockstar Plays Scrooge: Grand Theft Auto IV Delayed Till Spring


Don’t blame the heads of Sony and Microsoft’s game divisions for wanting to sleep in today; they just learned that Grand Theft Auto IV has been delayed until next spring, throwing off their respective holiday lineups. Take Two, the game’s publisher, which had the final say in the matter vis-à-vis Rockstar, delayed the game for “additional development time required to complete the title.”

Another high-profile video game delayed. How I wish more developers would simply adopt the “when it’s done” policy. This release date one-two step is like one long, drawn out tease.

The game’s delay—are you really surprised it was delayed?—doesn’t exactly help Sony or Microsoft’s position this holiday season. GTA IV was supposed to be the system seller this year, especially for Sony after word hit that Konami delayed Metal Gear. No doubt Nintendo is pleased with the turn of events.

What killer app, system-selling games are left? I know of Assassin’s Creed and Heavenly Sword, but is that all? We all know Nintendo’s strategy: it will throw together some fishing simulator and it will end up selling approximately eleventeen zillion copies.

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