Nissan's Drunk Driving Prevention System


Drunk driving—drink driving in the UK, I believe—was responsible for nearly 18,000 traffic deaths in the U.S. last year, according to MADD. So, if you can’t get people to cooperate, get the car to. Nissan has developed an in-car system that detects if a driver is intoxicated. If the system detects that you’re sloshed, the car refuses to start. Checks include: A moisture sensor in the transmission knob tests your perspiration for the presence of alcohol; A Face-monitoring camera in the dash determines if you appear to be cognizant of your surrounds, i.e., about to propel several tons of metal down a highway; an air sensor detects alcohol.

I don’t know if the technology here is exactly “shiny new”—”shiny new” being the newest, bestest form of new—but it’s certainly worth a mention. No matter how many megapixels your digital SLR is, it’s not going to save your life after a night of recklessness.

Nissan Concept Car showcase anti drunk-driving technology [Fareastgizmos]