Bourne’s Mobile Conspiracy

vivendi2.jpgWhile many of Robert Ludlum’s best-selling novels about secret agent Jason Bourne were written before widespread adoption of mobile phones, the movie adaptations often have the spy who can’t remember his past relying heavily on his mobile. So it is fitting that now fans of the series can get in on the action with their handsets as well. Vivendi Games Mobile announced that The Bourne Ultimatum is available on mobile phones worldwide to coincide with the release of the film version.

“The best-selling spy novel, The Bourne Ultimatum, by Robert Ludlum provides the perfect inspiration for an action-packed and intense mobile game,” said Paul Maglione, president of Vivendi Games Mobile. “Coinciding with the release of the latest movie, players will be able to experience the full rush and thrills of being Jason Bourne, the same way they are portrayed on the big screen.”

The mobile game features 16 levels of non-stop action that expand on the events in the book and film, taking players through the streets of New York, Moscow, London and Tangier. The mobile version even includes reworked music from the films to help make for a truly immersing experience. The Bourne Ultimatum is available now on select mobile handets.

Vivendi Games Mobile