Wall-Mounted Music Art: 'On'


So this is crazy. “On” is a wall-mounted oscilloscope of sorts that, for only $8,200, will turn your wall into… well, not a work of art per se, but something neat to stare at when you’re having a good time. Once you turn “On” on, its bars will rise and fall in tandem with whatever sounds it picks up. The micorphone that picks up the sound can be altered to pick up the pitter-patter of mice, or only the footsteps of giant, angry elephants—quiet or loud sounds, get it?

Aside from the questionable looking gentleman demoing “On” for us in this picture, this is another idea that I’m fully behind. And I’m such a cynic nowadays that it takes a lot for me to say that. Sure, I’m not about to shell out 8 Gs for it, but, say, if I were to win a “Turn It ‘On'” contest, I wouldn’t automatically throw it on eBay.

Product Page [On via Sci Fi Tech]