The Hitachi DZ-BD70A Camcorder Does FullHD Onto Blu-ray Discs


Hitachi’s DZ-BD70A is the first HD camcorder that can record 1080p video, now dubbed “FullHD” for some silly reason, onto a Blu-ray disc. One disc nets you around one hour of FullHD video. The camcorder, which also functions as a plain jane digital camera, has an SD card slot for storing such photos, up to a resolution of 4.32 megapixels. And if you’re still getting by with DVD (which is most of you, I’d imagine), know that this camcorder will happily record onto DVD discs in standard definition.

What a weird week this has been. No less than three CE companies have announced or showed off high-def camcorders. The obvious reason as to why this is is because it’s right around the time when magazines start compiling gadget lists for their holiday guides. Even though the summer may have seemed slow to you guys (certainly we’ve noticed it, too), things should be ramping up now.

Don’t worry. Soon there will be announcement after announcement of products for you to lust after. Then Santa comes and we can all play with our new toys.

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