Don't Copy That Floppy: Pirate Gets Sentenced

I was going to go on some huge Cory Doctorow-esque rant about how being arrested for piracy is a waste of resources for law enforcement, how the fines are rediculous, etc. Then I saw that this dude did CAMs of movies like ‘Cars’ and ‘Monster House’ and ‘Firewall’. Those are some terrible ass movies, so you know what, maybe it’s good he’s in jail. I don’t care what DVDs he ripped, because they probably sucked.

The fines he faces are pretty harsh though. Up to $750,000 total and he’ll most likely do around 5-years in prison. All for just filming a movie screen. What about rapists, murderers, and fat people? They all deserve to be in jail way and yet they haven’t been caught because the MPAA promised free donuts every friday at Precinct 113. Life goes on.

World’s First Conviction for Removing Information from DVD [TorrentFreak]