CTIA Responds to Latest Rules for 700 MHz Auction

ctia.jpgYesterday the CITA – The Wireless Association responded to the latest rules regarding the upcoming 700 MHz auction. From CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent:

“The FCC’s considerable deliberation over the 700 MHz auction rules has left us pleased in a number of respects and still concerned in others. Specifically, we believe the Commission has taken the appropriate approach by recognizing the importance of not restricting the number of auction entrants, nor requiring them to fulfill wholesale licensing requirements or requiring geographic build-out on all the licenses. In these regards the FCC has replicated past auctions that have led to tremendous benefits for consumers and the U.S. Treasury.

“At the same time, we are disappointed that a significant portion of this valuable spectrum will be encumbered with mandates that could significantly reduce the number of interested bidders. We remain committed to the principle that wireless consumers and American taxpayers are best served when such a valuable commodity is auctioned in a fair and competitive manner with no strings attached, and we commend Commissioner Robert McDowell for his belief in flexible auction rules and the free-market system.

“The competitive wireless marketplace that the FCC has encouraged in the past with market-oriented flexible-use policies has delivered benefits to American consumers that are nothing short of spectacular. The FCC’s deviation from the spectrum auction process that has proven to be so successful in the past could prohibit those benefits from being even more fully realized, and that’s unfortunate.


MobileCrunch continues to monitor this situation and will post comments from any and all interested parties regarding this matter.